IE9 Beta to be released this September

by Edward 17 August 2010 22:22

Microsoft announced that they are going to unveil Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) "Beta" next month(September 2010), at an event in San Francisco titled Beauty of the Web. While the browser wars for top spot are now between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, the latest version of IE9 will have to catch-up quickly. Microsoft seems to have missed a golden opportunity to make up for the failures of IE6 and IE7. Even Safari is making IE seem like an old browser and that is not even a target Windows platform browser.

By bringing out IE9 Microsoft seems to take something from Firefox Chrome. Some of the key features are that there are improved standards supports, as it scored an impressive 95% on the Acid 3 CSS test. IE9 also have better JavaScript and graphics performance, compared to previous versions. IE9 also implements enough of the HTML5 specification to raise the hope that stuffing rich content into browser plug-ins might not always be necessary.

As Microsoft is stating on its IE blog "IE9 offers consistent, fully hardware-accelerated text, graphics, and media, both audio and video", let’s hope Microsoft is starting to catch up and will continue to give users what they want from a browser experience.

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Microsoft not to give up on Internet Explorer 6

by Edward 12 August 2009 10:05

Microsoft responded to suggestions that they are considering to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade to the newer versions of their popular browser. Several technology sites have reported that Microsoft plans to cease support for the browser, while still commanding the market share(27.2% for July), and leading Firefox which is down in 3rd place.

Sites like YouTube and Digg are considering dropping support for the browser as they are growing increasingly frustrated with re-coding their site to support Internet Explorer 6.

However Microsoft says that it will not force consumers to upgrade. They state that the choice belongs to the user, and the user has to right to upgrade their hardware and software at their discretion.

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Firefox 4.0 to target Internet Explorer and Google Chrome?

by Edward 30 July 2009 08:19

Firefox logo

It looks like Mozilla has been playing mind games with Microsoft, and targeting the Internet Explorer 8 browser. Just a few days after Mozilla gave us a sneak preview of the 3.7 version of Firefox, they have been making "mockups" available of Firefox 4.0 to the public.

The open source browser maker has added colour over Firefox 4.0's location bar. It will turn green when a user starts typing, will blend with the bar when at rest, flashes blue on hover and transforms into red when a page is loading.

This all to attract more users to use Firefox as their default browser, and to get users to switch from IE to Firefox without seeing to much of a difference. The key point they are trying to raise is that Firefox is the most flexibile and customisable browser available today!

One of the standout changes that Firefox is looking at, is the location of the search bar at the top. It looks like the search bar will be similiar to the IE8 and Google Chrome designs, where the tabs will be either above the search bar, or below. This will give it a more sleak look.

Firefox 4.0 mockup

It really looks like Firefox is going beyond their usual designs, and really trying to make Firefox the browser to have. You bet it’s going to get more great features, as it’s going to be some time until we can browse the web with this lbrowser!

If you are already a Firefox fan, and would like to have a sneak peek of Firefox in 2010, you can visit the following link.

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Nils takes down major browsers

by Edward 25 March 2009 10:18
A German computer science student has hacked the three main browsers(IE8, Firefox and Safari), winning $15,000, showing that none of them is completely safe as we think they are.

At the annual Pwn2Own at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, Canada, Charlie Miller hacked Apple's Safari browser in just seconds, but the others didn't last greatly longer. As Ryan Naraine says at ZD Net:

A security researcher named "Nils" (he declined to provide his full name for the press) performed a clean drive-by download attack against the world's most widely used browser to take full control of a Sony Vaio machine running Windows 7.

He won a cash prize and also got to keep the hardware. Details of the vulnerability issue, which was described by contest main sponsor TippingPoint ZDI as a "brilliant IE8 bug!" are being kept under wraps for now.

Nils also pwned Safari and later, Firefox, winning a total of $15,000 plus 2 computers. Not a bad for a day's work for a young guy like him. Heise Online says Nils is "a 25 year old computer science student from the University of Oldenburg, in Germany".

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